Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Spiritual laws: the Codes

Spiritual laws are real like physical laws.  They exist whether people know about them or not.  The law of cause and effect is a special case of the spiritual law of "what goes around comes around" or the law of seed and harvest:  plant corn you get corn.  Plant thistles you get thistles.  The laws of physics were just as true 10,000 years ago as they are today:  it is just that no one knew about the laws of gravity and thrust or had the technology to build an aeroplane.  Though some dreamed like Da Vinci with his gyrocopter or Jules Verne writing about travelling to the moon.

Spiritual laws are higher order laws, that means they govern lower order laws like the laws of physics.  Just like the laws of the quantum realm which we can't see govern the natural world which we can see. Quantum mechanics is the most supported scientific theory that has been to this point.  Spiritual laws today are roughly like the laws of physics were 10 000 years ago:  they existed but very few knew about them then .  Most do not know about or understand spiritual laws today.  Spiritual laws are the codes or formulas which govern for right living.  Breaking them doesn't lead to punishment.  It leads to consequences.  If we jump off  a roof gravity dictates we will fall. It isn't anyone punishing us though the pain we feel may seem like it.  Gravity applies to everyone all the time.  Knowing about gravity however not only stops you trying to jump off things without a parachute it can ,together with other information, help you to fly.

The main spiritual law is the law of seed and harvest.  It is clearly reflected in the natural law and every farmer knows about it.  You sow what you reap: other things being equal.  As a spiritual law however it is even more significant.  The spiritual law says this:  the "seeds" are the words we speak not only out loud but inside ourselves.  if we want good "crop" we speak good words.  If we don't we will produce the result of bad words:  a bad crop. What goes around comes around.

Just as a farmer couldn't possibly be successful if he didn't know that seeds reproduce in the natural so we cannot be successful in life if we don't understand that what we say matters!  Not just what we say out loud but what we dwell on in our hearts and minds, what we mull over, obsess about at 4am  going over and over in our minds.  These words are seeds.  They create the conditions that produce what we are pondering on.  If we continually dwell on fear words and sickness words and words of not having enough or negative words about other people  that is exactly what will be created in our environment over time including the environment in our body which we call our health and well being. As Joyce Meyer a great teacher of the spiritual law said: unforgiveness is like taking poison and hoping someone else will die!   If on the other hand we dwell on good words true words positive words uplifting words compassionate words  then that is what will be created both within and without ourselves.

There is however an important proviso:  just exercising what we call "positive thinking" and "affirmations"  will not undo the usually unconscious negative words we might be saying in our deepest being. Our unconscious which we may be unaware of always rules the conscious.   Our unconscious is our operating system.  If it is faulty we have to fix it otherwise the positive thinking will not override it.   Just like with the computer: if we have operating system problems which we cannot see we cannot fix them by doing things on the screen we can see  We have to know that there is an operating system (some don't) we have to know how to get in there (some do) and we have to know how to to navigate through the blue screens to find and fix the faulty instructions (relatively few know how to do this )

We have to get in touch with our unconscious our operating systems and change faulty instructions and  replace outdated drivers.    Our beliefs are programmed in.  They can be wrong no matter how passionately we hold to them.  The earth is not flat and coloured people (yellow black or red)  are not inferior to white people. We can learn to re program. We were programmed through repetition and corresponding actions.  We can re program the same way.  Find a good coach someone who can help you if necessary.  Most of us come from deeply troubled families as Bessel Van Der Kolk's study on Developmental Trauma showed.  His book the Body Keeps Score is a great resource on programming and reprogramming. 

Spiritual laws embed spiritual Truth.  Truths work and lies don't.  If we align our words with spiritual truths like Do unto others as you would have them do unto you: and speak them to ourselves  and act on them they must come to pass.  It is spiritual law as inevitable as  the law of gravity that says if you jump off a roof you will fall or if you build an aeroplane according to laws of gravity and thrust you will fly.  Better to fly than fall.