Friday, 4 December 2020

No Fear

 It's been a covid.  Who would have thought?  Scripture which is  Spirit- inspired teachings says many times Don't fear for I am with you and adds I will deliver you.  This means amongst other things I will come and get you out of whatever trouble you are in. As Job said man is born to trouble as the sparks fly upwards.  But perfected matured Love casts out fear.  Flushes it out.  Like waste.  Not needed.  

What is the source of fear?  It is believing we are alone.  That Spirit is not real or if Spirit is real  is punitive unpredictable cranky.  And you never know what Spirit can do:  sometimes heal sometimes not.  Hurt you or your kids to "teach you something".  And we know that we are by ourselves helpless and alone. Our science seems to confirm that we are an insignificant speck in an infinite waste of cold unfeeling galaxies and stars.  They look amazing but they don't care.  

I don't believe this to be true. Because one day walking back from the beach track in Seaford where I was living I met the great being who I knew was the one who had been Jesus of Nazareth.  And I wasn't at that time a "Christian".  I had been raised Catholic.  I had been looking for God since I was 8 years (roughly).  I did the things the nuns said.  I tried to read the Bible but couldn't get past the begats.  I had a luminous plastic statue of Mother Mary next to my bed which glowed in the dark and freaked me out.  I knew they didn't know God because some of them were very mean.  I went to mass by myself (since my parents were atheists) till I was 14 then decided I didn't care if I went to hell I wasn't going any more.  I gave my heart to the Lord at a Billy Graham convention at 16  and 1/2 but when I went to the local Anglican church the following Sunday it consisted of 4 very old people and a bored preacher.  So I went on a search through the  New Age and was a Sufi for 10 years.  But it didn't get me there. I couldn't connect to Spirit.  It did help me wake up spiritually though.  So when I met the Lord I knew who it was.  I didn't see Him (He was a male) with my outer eyes but in the Spirit.

He said something I didn't understand with my intellect but completely got with my inner self: He asked me: Do you want me to come into your heart?  I was so ready.  I said Yes.  I had tried everything and had hit the spiritual glass ceiling.  I knew Spirit was on the other side but couldn't get there.  I had as they say  come to the end of myself.   I felt Him come into my aura.  Not intrusive but a definite merging.   At that point I started watching Christian TV and understanding what they were talking about and I started  reading and studying the Bible. There are many things to be said about the Bible.  However if we read it under inspiration then it  documents Spirit's laws, helps us understand Spirit's ways and above all is a portal which gives us a connection to Spirit. 

I said all that to say this:  I started learning how not to fear.  I no longer felt alone.  Spirit is real and he did come and get me out of there.  Now this was a few years ago and I continue to learn and grow as I will through all eternity.  I started changing on the inside and the outside.  I started learning about divine healing and how to apply spiritual laws to finances amongst other things.  This was helped by many mentors who had learned and applied these laws and were called to teach them.  

I am a psychotherapist and psychology teaches how to manage fear.  But the goal is to have no fear. And it is achievable.  We are not alone.  

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