Saturday, 2 December 2017

The Power of Love

Hello to my fellow travellers and codebreakers wherever and whoever you are.  Talk to me.

 I was talking with the Spirit about Love the other morning.  I  felt an inner prompt (the next code to break) to look up the lyrics of "The Power of Love" by Huey Lewis and the News on Youtube,:  the background song to the sweet and quirky "Back to the Future" movies.  Talking about songs as background I came across a new series produced and hosted by Dwayne Johnson called "Soundtracks: the Songs that Defined History" which I haven't watched yet.  Dwayne Johnson apparently has a love a music (and a great voice) and a fascinating troubled and hugely successful life.  Seeing him as the Tooth Fairy is a delight for he is a wonderful comedian as well as beautiful to look at.

 The songs we love are  the soul singing to itself. They are mostly love songs to life.  They were the soundtrack of our lives.  There are many academic dissertations on football.  However I am not sure that the poetry and power in the music we love is truly appreciated except by the people who turned up to hear the  Oils at Hanging Rock and all the other people who have music in their lives.  I didn't go but I was dancing with a group of people to the Hornets (a wonderful Australian rock and blues band who are worth checking out) at the Community Hall of the small coastal town in which I live. That is the power of Love.

We have one word in English for love:  I love pizza I love my dog I love the Spirit.  Who by the way told me about 2 years ago to call Him Papa.  Spirit is both male and female (as our hormones tell us we all are) and neither. Spirit is not trans-gender Spirit is beyond gender.  Gender itself could be some sort of corruption in the gene pool.  I have impeccable feminist credentials having been there at the very first brave meeting of 50 women (only women!) at Mt Beauty in 1971.  However I am going to refer to Spirit as He. For  He is my Beloved.  Another wonderful song from the stage play Kismet comes to mind "For this is my Beloved", the lyrics of which are also worth checking out.
Apparently the Inuit people have 50 different words for snow.  Food for thought.
Bottom Line:  Love is the greatest power there is.  One of the great codes to break is:  What is Love really and how do you exercise it?  I am just a raw beginner in this area but there are some things I know Love is not.  It is not wussy Hallmark touchy feely love that doesn't come from the heart.  I know that as someone said the other day in regard to how they felt about loving their 6 year old "It is so easy".  I know if we have Love it flows. I know you can't fake it.  I know it not only makes the other person feel good but it makes us feel good.  When my small powerhouse Queensland Heeler rescue girl Grace Honey Taylor loves me she does so with her whole being.  Everything wriggles and moves and she strives to get as close as she can and show her delight in every way she can especially when we have our first hello in the morning. Above is Gracie when she first arrived.  She was found wondering  and wandering having been dumped and she was about 5 months old.  Love brought her to me.

I know that Love means you choose to please the one you love as much as you can as often as you can.  Love makes you feel warm inside.  Love covers a multitude of sins.  What that means is that you forgive and forgive and above all forget and forget.  If you haven't forgotten you haven't forgiven.  Love comes from the heart not the head.  Love means you never let go and never give up.  Love is not liking.  You can want to "smack someone upside the head" but still Love them.  Love and anger don't cancel out, they are not like sums.  Would love to hear your thoughts.

Love has to be practiced and we get better and better the more we practice.  You can "fake it till you make it".  You can act with love even when you don't feel loving or think loving thoughts.  This is not pretending:  this is how you crank the motor to get it started.  Because deep in us there is a source of Love that is endless.

Here is a song of the heart that best expresses what I know to this point:

An Ode to Love
He pours
He yields
He holds
He breathes

He shares
He takes
He draws
He makes
He sees
He hears
He knows
He gives
He walks
He talks
He laughs
He lives

He’s mine
I’m His
We are as One
Swaying together
Following the Sun.
The wind it can blow
The rain it can beat
But My Love holds me close
I can hear His heart beat.

He is My shelter
From every storm
He is My Beloved
Whose arms
Keep me warm

Never to leave
Never to grieve
Always and always
His love
I receive.

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